About Us

Hello and welcome to PottyTrainingBoys.org feel free to look around and we hope you enjoy our site.

We know that potty training can be a very trying time for parents, with little boys being especially difficult to potty train at times. We know that there will be times that you want to shout and scream or maybe just give up, but the good news is that these aggravations and trying times you will be able to laugh about, after you have finished potty training every little boy in your home.

It's fair to say that no parents get through potty training without some help, and this is why here at PottyTrainingBoys.org we offer a collection of strategies and suggestions that have been used by other parents interested in making potty training boys easier. When you start potty training you are not expected to use every tip and trick featured on this site. Some of the ideas will work for your child, and others you will rule out right away because you know your child best. The idea is to give you a variety of options so you can select the potty training resources and strategies that may work with your child’s temperament, age and abilities.

Hopefully you will be able to implement many of the ideas or strategies to make your boys potty training easier, helping make parents lives easier is the reason that we have created this site. We hope you have fun as you read through our articles and that they help in making what can be a trying time for both parents and child a smooth and hassle free process.