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A Toilet Trainer Seat or Potty Chair are child-sized seats that fit over the full-size toilet seat so children can go potty directly on the toilet. This may eliminate the need to use a potty seat, especially if you are concerned that a separate chair will confuse your child.

Make sure to purchase a sturdy stepping stool so that your child can safely mount and dismount the toilet. These stools also allow children to push with their feet during bowel movements. There are some training seats that are designed with folding step stools so that your child can climb up safely without concern that a separate stool may flip over while they climb up or down.

Toilet Trainer Seat Advantages

Toilet training seats are portable, so you can take them from one bathroom to another or even to grandma’s house and back. They are lightweight, so your child may even be able to take it off the potty when they are done using it. Since your child uses the potty chair or toilet trainer seat in the actual toilet, you never have to clean out plastic pots filled with urine and poop.

Your child also learns to flush the toilet and keep the toilet clean as you will want them to do when they are completely trained. If there is a concern of confusing your child with the use of a separate seat, you can solve that problem with the use of a toilet trainer seat.

If you purchase seats that are inflatable or that fold up, you can allow your child to use the potty when you are out of the home. Bring some sanitizing wipes to cleanse the bottom of the seat before leaving the bathroom.

Toilet Training Seat Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage comes for adults and fully-trained children in the home. You will have to take the potty chair off in order to use the regular toilet seat, and that can become tiring after a period of time. You can train your child to remove the toilet trainer seat and put it in a designated place, but that means they have to get to the toilet in time to replace it when they need to go again.

Toilet Trainer Seat Safety Tips

Some toilet training seats come with vinyl straps to secure your child on the potty chair. While this may give you a greater sense of security that your child is safe on the potty chair, you should not leave a small child alone on the toilet at any time. Besides the safety concern, you do not want your child to associate the potty trainer seat with punishment. You want to stay with them and share the experience. With time, they will be able to get up and down by themselves and won’t need as much supervision.

If you don’t want to purchase a full-sized toilet trainer seat, look for inserts that go inside your existing toilet seat. They don’t cost much at all, and your child will get accustomed to going potty on the actual toilet seat. You won’t have as much distraction moving a larger toilet trainer seat off when adults need to go, which helps the family adjust to this potty-training technique.

There are many ways to potty train a child. If a separate potty chair or toilet trainer seat doesn't work well for your child, you may need to train them directly on the potty like big boys or girls.

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