When to Potty Training Boys – Logical Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers

It can be difficult to determine when to start potty training boys, especially when you consider that every little boy has a unique personality.

When to start potty training boys

When to start potty training boys.

Most professionals, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggest that boys have the mental capacity to understand and remember potty training guidelines by the age of three. They recommend 2 ½ to 3 years of age to be when to start potty training for boys, but there is no stiff rule that all parents must follow. Most boys of that age will start showing an interest in learning new things, and this is why deciding to start potty training is ideal around that time.

Does this mean that potty training should be easy if you do it between your son’s second and third birthday? No, it is always going to take some effort for you and your child. Some boys will potty train earlier because their parents realize they are showing an interest in trying. Other boys will potty train much later because they just are not ready before the age of three.

Pay attention to your child to see when they seem interested in potty training. If you know they are able to understand the process of training and they want to try at an earlier age, then try it. If you don’t believe they are ready before they turn three, then do not push them into it. You are the one who ultimately determines when to potty train boys in your family.

What signs may tell you When to start potty training your child?

Some of the most common signs for when to potty train are as follows:

  • The child shows an interest in the potty or the bathroom in general.
  • The child is interested in how other people use the restroom.
  • The child is attuned to his bodily sensations and tells you when he thinks he has to go.
  • The child has a strong reaction to soiling his pants and wants to be clean and dry.

Regardless of your decision on when to start potty training your little boy, make sure you choose one training strategy and remain consistent with time. Even if he is not catching on at first, your consistency in training will help him catch on faster. The more effort you put into encouraging your boy to use the potty, the more effort you can expect him to exert to the effort. But ultimately when to start potty training will be indicated by when your child is showing an interest.

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